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Businesses that have existed primarily as in-office environment sometimes have difficulties managing their remote employees. These difficulties sometimes come from fears that people have regarding the productivity of remote employees or virtual employees. Owners are often afraid that an employee that is not working in front of them may not be working and taking advantage of the company. Sometimes people are afraid that productivity will drop, or that somehow in-office employees work harder.

One of the few benefits that has come from managing with Covid-19 is that in America we effectively were running one of the largest field tests for remote work possible. Thousands of businesses had to immediately adjust to remote meetings, working from home, as well as decentralizing the workforce. While this was difficult due to most industries not having an existing support network for remote employees (and some inflexibility in some industries), it did prove one significant fact.

Managing a team of remote workers provided at least as much value as in-office employees, if not more.

Multiple sources have engaged in studies that have shown measured proof that remote employees are the same, if not better, than in-office employees. (SHRM has a fantastic article about it here.) While managing an employee is guaranteed to be AT WORK when they are on site, there is no guarantee that an employee is WORKING while that are on site. Employees that have a desire to avoid handling work during the workday will find excuses, reasons, and cover to avoid working regardless of them being at home or in the office. In office employees make fluff projects to eat up time. They have meetings that could have been an email. There are slower drives to make it to site and multiple trips to consume work hours.

Having remote employees, when you have the right employees, provides companies with something better. It allows you to manage employees that are less likely to not be able to work for a day because of bad weather. Remote workers typically don’t get caught up in frivolous conversations in break rooms. When a remote team member is needed for a meeting, you know you have their undivided attention because you can see everyone’s faces on one screen. When your remote team members need in person managing, we provide you with the support tools to make it happen and assist locally.   

The key of managing remote employees is finding the right team of employees.

Creating remote teams of active people who want to work is the secret behind successful remote employment. Remote Team Finder creates localized cultures where employees enjoy coming into the workspace. We provide a nurturing environment with shared amenities that provide a better quality of life. We work will local colleges to provide continued education while your employee works for you, and we provide a shared management network to assist you with your team members. Our support and team building focus means that you can have the right employee, for a cost lower than a local hire, and provide them with an environment that builds long term loyalty.

Having a remote team via Remote Team Finder is not the same as having virtual employees. Remote Team Finder is much better. Remote Team Finder puts together employees that work for you, at rates that are incredibly competitive, and provides them with executive grade resources and amenities. Our program is the foundation of your company being able to scale as well as the fastest way to develop reliable external support. This program is unique and not offered by virtual assistant or “one time hire” programs.

If you are interested in finding better, less expensive, professional employees take a few seconds to talk with us. Click here to chat.


If you are interested in finding better, less expensive, and professional employees take a few seconds to talk with us.